How to Retain TOP TALENT for Your Dental Practice

Onboarding & Integration

Congrats! You found an amazing candidate for your practice. But… finding the best candidates is only part of building an effective team. The process of onboarding new employees can be one of the most critical factors in ensuring your new talent will be productive and a valuable member on your team.

Learn What To Do On Their First Day, Week And Month!

This scenario is all to common and extremely ineffective… 

“The minute I arrived on my first day, I felt like an afterthought. My boss ushered me to my desk, handed me their procedure manual and training videos to watch about their practice management software, and, after logging in, they told me to 'just jump on, play around and get comfortable with the system'. They said they had their own work to get done— so I was on my own... At the end of the almost unbearable day, I left the office doubting my decision to accept the offer. This isn’t what I expected at all!” 

This is what a candidate said to us when she called asking for help to find her another office after this experience! 


Is this how you want them to feel? I am sure you want them to be excited about their new position, eager to tackle their own projects, work with patients and striving to make an impact in your practice. And that doesn’t usually come from a thrown-together training plan that makes your new employee feel like you couldn’t care less that he or she actually showed up! 

Learn How To Develop Long Term & Loyal Team Members Right From Day One!


Learn what HR documents to have ready ahead of time!

First Day 

Effective orientation and introducing your new hire to your office.

First Week

Develop an action plan that will MAXIMIZE their potential

First Month

Get your New Hire on track to become a long term and integral member your Practice!

Having NO Systems in Place

  • 22% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment. 
  • Onboarding and integration protocols can increase retention by 25% and improve employee performance by 11%. 
  • Employees who participate in a structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to stay with an organization for 3 years. 
  • 15% of employees said the lack of an effective onboarding program aided in their decision to quit.

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About the Author

Samantha has been in the Dental Industry for ten years. During this time period, she has accomplished a great deal in the first decade of her career. Starting off as Dental Assistant and then eventually transitioned into management. Working with world-renown Orthodontist, Dr. Sam Daher. Together, they started and built a multi-million dollar practice from scratch and soon after, expanded into six locations across Canada.

She spends her days helping Dental offices find top talent, creating strategic HR plans and coaching dental owners/managers on how to grow their business with the right people and processes. 

Outside of the Dental world, Samantha is a big fan of the outdoors, expanding her knowledge, travelling and spending time with her husband & French Bulldog- Chester!